1. Live at Kilden: 20th Anniversary Concert
    Secret Garden

  2. Count Me In
    John Boswell

  3. Inner Passion
    Peter Kater & Tina Guo

  4. Slow Music For Fast Times
    Various Artists

  5. Winter Poem
    Secret Garden

  6. Just The Two Of Us
    Secret Garden

  7. Songs from Before
    Fionnuala Sherry

  8. Eternal Om
    Lisbeth Scott

  9. Novus Magnificat
    Constance Demby

  10. Stalker
    Robert Rich & B. Lustmord

  11. Afterglow
    Michael Hoppe, Martin Tillman & Tim Wheater

  12. Sacred Treasures III: Choral Masterworks from Russia and Beyond
    Various Artists

  13. Deep Peace
    Bill Douglas

  14. Celtic Twilight 6: Sanctuary
    Various Artists

  15. Celtic Twilight 7: Gaelic Blessing
    Various Artists

  16. The Spell
    Kevin Braheny & Tim Clark

  17. Novus Magnificat (Alternate Version)
    Constance Demby

  18. Sacred Site
    Michael Stearns

  19. Om Sweet Om
    Lisbeth Scott

  20. Sacred Treasures: Choral Masterpieces From Russia
    Various Artists

  21. One Truth
    Omar Faruk Tekbilek

  22. Devotion

  23. Fissures
    Robert Rich & Alio Die

  24. Scubason
    Zeus Faber

  25. Set Free: The Definitive Edition
    Constance Demby

  26. Cello Blue
    David Darling

  27. Spirit Trance
    Constance Demby

  28. Prophecy 2: A Hearts of Space Native American Collection
    Various Artists

  29. Prophecy: A Hearts of Space Native American Collection
    Various Artists

  30. Song of the Irish Whistle
    Joanie Madden

  31. Sacred Treasures V: From A Russian Cathedral
    Various Artists

  32. Sanctum Sanctuorum
    Constance Demby

  33. Skys
    Mychael Danna

  34. SoMa
    Steve Roach & Robert Rich

  35. In Search of Divine Light

  36. The Magnificent Void
    Steve Roach

  37. Kaleidoscope
    Bill Douglas

  38. Galaxies
    Kevin Braheny

  39. Festival of the Heart
    John Boswell

  40. Sirens
    Mychael Danna

  41. Mahogany Nights
    Al Gromer Khan

  42. Cantilena
    Bill Douglas

  43. Beguiled
    Tim Story

  44. Music to Disappear In II

  45. Gaudí
    Robert Rich

  46. Reflections of John Boswell
    John Boswell

  47. Celtic Twilight
    Various Artists

  48. Rainforest
    Robert Rich

  49. Encounter
    Michael Stearns

  50. Jewel Lake
    Bill Douglas

  51. Flamenco Mystico
    Gino D'Auri

  52. Sacred Space Music
    Constance Demby

  53. Strata
    Steve Roach and Robert Rich

  54. Spinfield
    Steve McDonald

  55. In Beauty I Walk: The Best of Coyote Oldman
    Coyote Oldman

  56. Hearts of Space: Universe One
    Various Artists

  57. Secret Rooms
    Kevin Braheny

  58. A Place Called Morning
    Bill Douglas

  59. eQuinox
    Ralph Zurmühle

  60. Earth Island
    Suspended Memories

  61. Forgotten Gods
    Suspended Memories


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Launched in 1984, this record label was created as an extension of the weekly syndicated radio show Hearts of Space. Centered around contemplative music, the label features music from the ambient, new age, electronic, world, Celtic, classical, and experimental genres. ... more

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